The Unstoppable Freelancer

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What will you learn?

  • How do you find work?

  • How do you pick the right projects?

  • How should you communicate with your clients?

  • How should you price projects and increase your earnings over time?

  • How can you position yourself so that work finds you?

  • How can you diversify your sources of income?

  • What career paths can you take?

  • How can you maximize your productivity?

  • How can you become resistant to market changes?

Based on a decade of freelance experience, this book guides you through every phase of freelance success.

In short: how to become an unstoppable freelancer.

The book contains more than practical advice. I've also included illustrations, real-life examples, and anecdotes where applicable to help you absorb the information.


I really like the way Jovan mixes his freelancing knowledge and experience with bit-sized stories. Makes you want to keep learning more. Great read!

- Florin Pop, web developer and YouTuber

Great perspective on freelancing. Happy to endorse this book!

- Kyle Prinsloo, freelancing teacher and author

If you want to learn proven freelancing techniques, then this book is for you. Jovan has been successfully freelancing since 2011 and his knowledge and methods can help you create a lasting freelancing career. This book contains loads of practical advice on how to land clients and grow as a freelancer. I highly recommended it!

- Nat Miletic, WordPress developer and business owner

The Unstoppable Freelancer is an excellent resource for up-and-coming freelancers. The book is comprehensive, sharp, and to the point. There is no fluff here - only actionable advice accompanied by examples from a decade-long career.

- Marko Denic, software engineer

Is there a paperback version?

Yes, there's a paperback available on Amazon.

Who am I?

My name is Jovan and I've been freelancing for 10 years. When I sat down to write this book, my goal was to distill a decade of experience into practical advice. Everything I did right and everything I did wrong has been put to use in helping you become unstoppable.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter or Medium.

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The Unstoppable Freelancer

12 ratings
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