The No-Nonsense Guide to Freelancing on Upwork

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I've earned over $150,000 on Upwork. This course aims to help you succeed on the platform by distilling years of experience into less than two hours of high-quality video.

In addition, success on the platform has opened up many doors for me - from outsourcing opportunities to starting my own business. The final segment of the course is dedicated to possible career paths, long-term strategy, and passive income opportunities.

What's inside?

1.1 What Will You Learn in This Course?

2.1 Why Upwork?

2.2 An Impressive Upwork Profile

2.3 Setting Your Hourly Rate

3.1 Understanding the Process

3.2 Applying to Projects - Selection

3.3 Applying to Projects - a Great Upwork Bid

4.1 From Application to Hire - a Journey

4.2 You've Been Hired! Now What?

4.3 You've Finished a Project! Now What?

5.1 Increasing Your Earnings

5.2 The Art of Negotiation

5.3 The Art of Upselling

5.4 Diversification or Specialization?

6.1 Your Advantages as a Freelancer

6.2 Why Stay on Upwork?

6.3 Monetizing Your Profile

6.4 Reading Suggestions

If all this isn't detailed enough for you, I also have a book available. It's called and it's available here.

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Freelancing on Upwork

4 ratings
I want this!